What is the importance of Having FIFA 18 coins?

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what is fifa 18 coins

One of the most touted sport based games of all times, FIFA 18 game has been very popular ever since its first launch. Well, the frenzy is more about claiming the best players and then making up that perfect strategy to go all the way into clubs and tournaments. Although we need no introduction to build up an epilogue for FIFA, we better give you a slight insight of the game before we proceed. FIFA 18  is going to be the first in the arsenal for Nintendo Switch and the release date and tagline are yet to be disclosed. Despite all this, with previous year’s tagline of “Own every moment” we can expect some snappy features and taglines for this year as well.  So to proceed with main subject, let us discuss what for we need FIFA 18 coins and what purpose they can cater to.

what is fifa 18 coins

What do coins do?

The basic role of FIFA 18 coins will be to uphold the basic functioning of the team and maintaining the club’s security by ensuring smooth flow of the normal operations. Whether or not the team staffs have all the required strength, whether or not the physical team is in abundance- every single thing depends on FIFA 18 coins.  Not only this, the coins you have in your game will scale up the recovery process of the injured players because you can have physical supplements for the players by spending few coins ( read many) . Not only this, even when you need to upgrade your team, you will need to spend your gold coins to acquire bigger players from the market.  So it is important that you collect your coins whenever possible and never miss out on any opportunity to gain more coins.


So how do you earn coins?

One of the ways in which you can acquire more coins is through completing the assigned tasks and getting rewarded for those corresponding tasks.  You can even use your player’s scoring ability to get more amount of gold coins, which will by large depend on the system setting. Another way you can make use of your existing team for buying gold is by sending them off into the auction market.  You can use the forever living trick of “buy low sell high” to make more coins in the game.

There are few other small tricks which you can use freely to earn more FIFA 18 coins.  Whenever you start playing the game, in the initial stage you will have a combination of gold, silver and bronze cards for your player, which basically depicts their skill level.  Over time, your silver card players will amass and then the colour pack which you will buy, will again add to the card level. So you need to save up coins to buy players with a higher rating and you can sell off the bronze ones in auction.