What about NBA 2K18? does it worth to play?

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What about NBA 2k18

There are many gaming industries who develop games every day. 2K games limited is such a gaming industry and is known for various games such as borderlands, the darkness, WWE 2K and also the recent NBA 2K18. It is based in the United Sates. Below is what the new game NBA 2K18 is about.

nba 2k18 the best basketball video game at this year

NBA 2K18 introduction

This is a video game which is a simulation of National Basketball Association and it has been created using visual concepts. 2K is the gaming publisher that published it. Its simulation of the national basketball association experience is what is making it different from the other published in the 2K sport series. The basketball player featuring in its cover is Kyrie Irving. He is a player from the Cleveland team. Also, the game has a special edition version which has the athlete Shaquille O’Neal AS in it cover.


Release of the game

Different platforms will be used to play this game. The platforms include PlayStation4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo switch and Microsoft windows. To note is that Nintendo switch will have its first release on September 2017. Similarly, some of the features of which will be inclusive in Nintendo switch include the following:

•Unparalleled authenticity
•The NBA simulation will be real as the usual gameplay
•You will be able to write your own narrative and shape your My Player
•Total control of the progress of the league is in your hands

Similarly, you are able to compete with other players around the world. The set date for the release of this game is September 15, this year, however, if you pre order you will receive it four days earlier.


nba 2k18

Features of NBA 2K18

The main features of the published NBA 2K18 game(Click here to see NBA 2k18 coins if you want.) include the following;

•It allows you to develop My Player which will assist you in creating your own journey in the national basketball association. This will in turn be reflected in your My Career.

•Also, NBA 2K18 allows your to have your own all-star My Team with various types of new cards.

•It has a feature called My League and also My Gym. This allows you to have the oversight of the whole league since you have the control of the entire national basketball association franchise.

•The other feature is its realistic gameplay by allowing you to choose your NBA story, ethnicity race, voice and also the name of your team.

•It has also provided with options for including the attributes of your players. Therefore, you have the authority to choose the strength, agility, speed and accuracy as some of the features of your players. These features will also help you rank your players, hence ensuring that you are not biased in categorizing your players.

•NBA 2K18 has a special edition called gold legend edition which will ensure that your players to easily block dunks.


There has been many recorded success of NBA video games in the recent past among its audience. This game has also been rated as the most superb game so far. Therefore, to tell your own National Basketball Association story you are only required to pre-order the game or at the time of its release, you get it for yourself. It comes with various logos depending on the platform you will use to play the game.