NBA LIVE Mobile Game Tips That Make You Play This Game Better Than Others

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Games are the most fun when you play for real. This means getting clever and learning how to be better without hacks or cheats. That’s the challenge. The NBA Live mobile game is awesome because it’s challenging and not too easy. It’s also not too difficult – if you approach it cleverly. So how do you do that? Check out these tips for taking your NBA live game to new levels:

NBA LIVE Mobile Game TipsPatience

You should get into a good momentum as quickly as you can. However, don’t just jump into things. The first rule is to be patient and to stick to mastering the basics and the different commands and steps even when, at first, it feels that you’re not making progress. If you keep at it you will see progress sooner than you thought. So, take your time and learn the moves. If you get stuck there are some guys on the net who can help teach you perform some difficult moves, like, for example the “Pump Fake”, “Spin” and “Hesitation” moves.

Choose your team

When you’re playing to win it’s not always the best option to choose your personal favorite team. Choose the team with the best OVR stats. Also check out the level of the players. Gold players are obviously the best followed by silver and bronze. Also be aware of the special event players who rank even higher than the gold ones. You can buy player cards from the game store and also get some elite players on your team through ‘Live Events’ by clicking the ‘Auctions’ tab. The powerful players need you pay for more NBA live coins that need you collect it by yourself or buy some coins from online providers.


Pay attention to this. Get coin and card packs by making sure you reach achievements such as Season Achievements and General Achievements. This will also go a long way in assisting you in building a better team. Failure to pay enough attention to this, especially in the early stages of playing, could cost you later on in the game.


Add to the achievements by buildingyourself an even better line-up through getting new, better players from auctions. This is also a great way of making money as you can keep an eye on market value and buy players low and sell high!

Look for Gold and Silver players with a 70 skill range. New players’ cards appear around 09.00 every morning. Try to figure out when the auction house refreshes throughout the day to stay ahead of the game.

Complete sets

This is another very important point to take notice of. A number of sites explain how to go about completing the 95 OVR Master Westbrook. This is crucial if you want quickly move from struggling newbie to pro. To complete the Westbrook you need to need the following five achievements:

1. 85 OVR

2. 90 Sets Achievement

3. Head-to-Head Achievement

4. Live Events Achievement

5. 10 Seasons Achievement

Ps: View some pro play videos to learn some good skills to play the game well

This game is one of the most popular games in the United States right now. Follow these, and other tips found on the net, and you will soon turn yourself into an awesome player kicking some serious online butt. Just remember to take things one step at a time, learn the moves and practice until you become the best you can be.