What makes FIFA MOBILE game so popular among cellphone users

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FIFA MOBILE game so popular among cellphone users

Football (soccer) fans all around the world love the FIFA Mobile game, but did you ever wonder what makes it so popular? FIFA Mobile Soccer runs on most of the simplest smartphones or tablets. It allows the gamer to buy real top players, stadiums, team kits and you also receive achievement badges.

FIFA Mobile is available all around the world on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. This article covers what makes FIFA Mobile game so popular among cellphone users.

Reasons why cellphone users heart FIFA Mobile

It is a great mobile experience

FIFA Mobile is a lightweight game with a download size of less than one hundred megabytes which isn’t that much space for typical mobile devices today. Cellphone users love the game because it runs fluidly on all types of devices and has many cool features like quick load time, different control options, social media integration (to play with friends) and special modes designed for quick play enjoyment.

what is fifa mobile gameIt has a mode called Attack Mode

Attack mode is a novel way to play this really cool game. It is a turn-based mode that sets you up to play against other FIFA Mobile gamers all around the globe. You get to play an attacking game and basically outscore your opponents as they try to outscore you. You can move up a leaderboard to gain in-game rewards like coins, XP and (guess what) Fans. When you get to the top of the leaderboard, you have become a FIFA champion.

FIFA Mobile is LIVE

FIFA Mobile comes with the function to regularly update your teams and players for a real life experience. The world of football is constantly growing and so does your game. You get to play against other players worldwide in Attack Mode and compete in other FIFA MOBILE LIVE events to win XP, coins and street cred! FIFA Mobile connects people and helps you develop friendships around the world just like real soccer does.

Ultimate Team has been redesigned

FIFA Mobile comes from a new game design angle with Ultimate Team mode. This time there are no contracts or training items, all you do is focus on building a squad of ultimate players that fit your playing prowess. You get to pick 27 team players and level them up gradually while you use them in gameplay mode. You can swap their positions and change tactics on the field in real-time, like a real Jose Mourinho. Search for and add the players that you desire to your Ultimate Team. What’s not to love?

FIFA Mobile allows you to improve on your squad and then win amazing prizes when you complete Plans. All items on FIFA Mobile are valuable. You can swap items you do not need for items you crave to help you craft even bigger and more bad-ass teams. What’s more, Plans get added all through the year so the excitement never stops.

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And that’s all you need to know about why FIFA Mobile is more loved by cellphone users than other soccer games like Dream League Soccer.