Guide To Getting High OVR And Cheap Price Players in FIFA Mobile Game

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Guide To Getting High OVR And Cheap Price Players in FIFA Mobile Game

Getting to the top in FIFA Mobile is what everybody aims for, after all, what is the point otherwise. Irrespective of whether you want to increase percentages in VS Attack mode or meeting OVR requirements; you will appreciate our guide to get High OVR and cheap price players in FIFA mobile game. You will be able to boast with an incredibly competitive squad using our informed guide.

Common Challenges

All FIFA Mobile gamers know that you cannot have a dream team if you do not want to spend coins. A team that will be highly competitive to include all your top players could easily cost more than 15,000,000 FIFA mobile coins. Skipping some of the most desired top players, you can still have an excellent team with cheap priced players and high OVR.

Obviously, there are some highly desired players with very high OVR, but high price tags like Cristiano Ronaldo with a 99 OVR and Lionel Messi with an OVR of 91 may be rather difficult to obtain. These players, for example, Christiano Ronaldo do not sell for mere coins as you can buy him for your team from places at $671.73, which they reckon is a bargain.

How Do You Go About Get High OVR players with Low price?

When you look at getting high OVR, keep in mind that over 80 score is great and a worthy investment. A factor you must keep in mind too is to target players with a high potential. When your aim is instant hits, you can opt for players like Thomas Lemar, Marco Asensio, Dele Alli, and Anthony Martial, all of whom range between 82 and 84 while still cheap players that can impact your team tremendously.

Players that could reach a higher than 85 OVR have the highest potential and while they are still currently cheap, the room for improvement is tremendous. To use an example of a young cheap player with an OVR of 65 currently is Marcus Edwards from Spurs. At only 18 he shows massive potential so add him to your squad as he would probably rise to higher than 85. Currently, he is very cheap, but he will add value while keeping your budget intact.

Always choose one 74 OVR player with tremendous potential and here you look at the youngsters with a low-price tag, but those that come with room for improvement. When choosing your squad, do not be rigid with positions. Keep in mind that some players can play more than one position, like Marcus Rashford, who can play up front and left too. A good choice is to include an 80 OVR player like Michael Antonio who will add value to Squad Battle and Weekend Leagues.


The first suggestion you cannot go wrong with is Toornstra. He is from Eredivisie, playing as Center Attacking Mid. He has outstanding stats with a level 88 OVR, with a 15,000 coins price tag. A great center-back, who is a Bastille Day player, is Kimpembe also priced at 15,000 and high OVR of 84. You have another Bastille Day player in the left wing back position too with an 84 OVR also priced at 15,000 coins named Digne.

Player Lens is one of our best suggestions in the right-wing position with an OVR of 88. You will want to keep him playing for your team for a long time. Fortunately, there are many available thus is his purchase price lower than ever at 20,000.